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only temporary.

well for me, the la mirada tourney sucked. it was supposedly "easier" than the past tourneys but that makes no difference if you have crappy judges. i was kinda expecting to have 6 LD rounds (which was written in the invitation) but everything was so messed up and slow, we only had 3. how lame. i ended up losing in quarterfinals against this other san deiguito kid (the boy i've debated FIVE times--once in every tourney and twice in one of them). it sucks 'cause they all had taken notes on my case and prepped "power arguments" against it. damn them. other than that, i think we did ok. seth was fifth place in congress and sophia made it to quarterfinals.

dont worry, wu. new resolution comin soon!

as for o.o., i could care less about it. i guess im not much of an i.e. person. plus, it was an open competition.
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